Organization of Rag Pickers

Waste collectors or rag pickers have the vital role and importance in solid waste management. Because they play very important role in collection, segregation and in cleaning of recyclable waste materials e.g. plastics, metal, papers and cloth. Beside this collection of recyclable waste materials they can earn extra income and sustainability may come to their live. Officially on 14th September 2010, Deputy Commissioner of Capital district Administration, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh inaugurated plastic bottle collection programme and Additional District Magistrate Mr. Talo Potam handed over two push carts to the organized rag pickers group.

ENVIRON was vigorously collecting plastic bottle from roadside, dust bin and drain by the organized rag pickers for making Naharlagun as a “Waste Plastic Bottle Free Zone”. Plastic bottle which is made up of PET (poly ethylene pteraphthalate) is the raw material for polyester thread.

It has been noticed good positive sign from the rag pickers that gradually they are collecting such bottles and gaining good amount in return.

By organizing rag pickers ENVIRON is planning to enhance the earning of parents rag pickers thorough door to door recyclable collection system, so that they will be able to send their child to school instead of picking waste.

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