Invention of Waste Assimilator to achieve the real meaning of Swachh Bharat

a_3Present scenario of mixing of plastic waste along with the biodegradable solid waste is ruined the entire solid waste management activities and developing huge ‘waste land’ and ‘toxic land’ day by day in India. Therefore, segregation & management at source is the best option for the solid waste.

To fulfill the requirement, President of ENVIRON Dr. Amarjyoti Kashyap (Ph. D. in Solid Waste Management) has invented a “Waste Assimilator” (Patent Application No. 1352/KOL/2014) to manage all the household generated biodegradable solid waste within the residential campus. The invention is generating the concept of producing ‘bio-pest repellent’ and ‘organic manure’ in the form of ‘Micronutrients’, ‘Vermiwash’ and finally ‘Vermicompost’ at household level from daily generated biodegradable solid waste. This is also inspiring organic farming and up to 80% domestic solid waste problem can be solved and a significant reduction of the roadside dumps can be achieved. On the other hand, bigger size community “Waste Assimilator” can manage the community or market generated biodegradable solid waste at source.


Important Feature of “Waste Assimilator”:

  • “Waste Assimilator” is made up both in ‘Plastic Bin’ or in ‘Concrete Ring’ and designed for both household as well as community use.
  • Very simple, adopting simply use and throw practice of biodegradable solid waste.
  • Domestic “Waste Assimilator” needs a little space (2.25 square feet area) and can be kept inside the balcony of an apartment.
  • Can deposit all type of biodegradable waste and even along with water.
  • A liquid ‘Microbial wash’ or ‘Micronutrients’ is coming out constantly through the outlet after 2-3 days of the use of ‘Waste Assimilator’ which can be regularly used as ‘organic manure’ cum ‘bio-pest repellent’.
  • A liquid ‘Vermiwash’ is coming out constantly after the ‘Assimilator’ is full of earthworm through the outlet of the ‘Waste Assimilator’ which can also be used both as ‘organic manure’ and ‘bio-pest repellent’.
  • Finally Vermicompost (Vermicasting) is produced inside the “Waste Assimilator”.

Method of operation:


  • Biodegradable solid waste is deposited on daily basis inside the composting bed by opening the top cover of ‘Waste Assimilator’.
  • In this process, per day, 1 kg to 2 kg biodegradable waste is deposited inside the ‘Assimilator’ for 60 to 180 days or until the ‘Assimilator’ gets filled up.
  • During the process of waste deposition after 25 days, 100 nos. of earthworms collected from the local Banana plant are released inside the ‘Waste Assimilator’.
  • After 2-3 days of deposition of waste, micronutrients in liquid form is collected and after it is full of earthworm ‘vermiwash’ is collected through the outlet.
  • During the process of deposition of waste and its assimilation, two (2) nos. of ‘Waste Assimilators’ are required to maintain the continuous activity.
  • For this, the use of the second assimilator is necessary after the first one is filled up.
  • In this process, during the use of the ‘second assimilator’, the ‘first one’ gets filled up with vermicompost and earthworm and then transfers the multiple nos. of earthworms into the ‘second assimilator’ after sieving.
  • This process continues simultaneously.

Through the ‘Waste Assimilator’, all the daily generated biodegradable solid waste can be managed at source through the assimilation of microbes and earthworm. The ‘Assimilator’ is designed in such a way that all the necessary scientific technology is fixed and no additional apparatus is required. Thus, a simplified technology is adopted for the assimilation of daily generated biodegradable solid waste through microbes and earthworms. The use of the ‘Waste Assimilator’ is very simple and regularly usable for the disposal of daily generated biodegradable solid waste.