Awareness Prog. on SWM

ENVIRON President Dr. Amarjyoti Kashyap taking the restless activities on generation of awareness for household level Solid Waste Management Practice.

During the awareness activities ENVIRON president explained about the worst effect of plastic which needs more than 5000 thousand years to mix with the soil. Principle of Three “R” i.e. Reduce (through using of plastic alternatives like paper bags, paper cups, earthen cups etc.); Reuse (reusing of same plastic instead of throwing); Recycle (recycling of waste plastic to avoid dumping in the soil) is the best way to prevent the plastic pollution.

ENVIRON have appealed the students not sew tobacco, guthkha, panmasala etc. which is the responsible for carcinogenic disease.

ENVIRON feels that until and unless we stop ‘use and throw practice’ nobody can manage solid waste problems. First we have to change our habit and should deposit our discarded materials only inside a litterbin bin, and then only solid waste management will be possible.

ENVIRON is regularly pointed out that once the plastic waste is segregated at source and accordingly managed than biodegradable solid waste will no longer be a problem rather it will act as soil conditioner.

Messages of Awareness Programme:

  1. It is our duty to clean our surroundings.
  2. Stop dumping of solid waste haphazardly.
  3. Always use litterbin.
  4. Do not throw any solid waste outside the litterbin.
  5. Use separate litterbins for Dry, Wet and Hazardous waste at source.
  6. Segregate the plastic and other non-biodegradable solid waste from the bio-degradable solid waste at source and keep it inside the ‘Money Earning Litterbin’ for sale.
  7. Use biodegradable solid waste for producing ‘Compost’ and ‘Vermicompost’ in the backyard of the house.
  8. Practice ‘Plastic Craft’ for optimum use of household plastic waste.
  9. Let us make our surrounding clean and green.