Awareness and Primary Implementation of Municipal Silid Waste Management Programme in Itanagar:


Urbanization is improving the living standard of people in Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh led to generate huge quantity of solid waste. Management of solid waste materials is becoming a big concern because it is affecting health as well as environment. Haphazard dumping of garbage along the road side, drain and by the side of garbage bins is becoming common scenario of city life, which creating unhygienic surrounding. This shows the less awareness level and consciousness of the people as they are responsible for creating such situation. On the other hand people are also compelling themselves to breathe and live in such unhygienic and untidy environment. Hence its need some urgent steps to be taken up before the whole city look ugly and full of waste products.

Therefore, it needs to awake the people before it get worse and to realize their responsibilities towards their surrounding and environment. Accordingly to carry out the work effectively, four principles had been followed-

Source Segregation – Segregation of bio degradable and non bio degradable solid waste at source by using litter bins to collect separately.

Source Reduction- Produce compost and vermicompost from the bio degradable solid not to dump out side.

Source Collection- Collection of solid non biodegradable waste i.e plastic waste through the rag pickers.

Utilization- Utilization of all collected waste.

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