Sualkuchi SWM


Purpose/Objectives of the project:

The major objectives of the project is to develop a model in Madhya Sual Kuchi Gram Panchayat which can be replicated in other places under the “Waste to Wealth Concept” with the help of the following six principles:

  1. Popularize the concept “Waste to Wealth” through value added programmes for better community participation.
  2. Segregation of the “solid waste” through the specific “Litter Bin” at the source. In this process segregated plastic waste will be collected against Ginger and Garlic for recycling. The concept of offering Ginger and Garlic is to attract the ‘House Wife’ and the theme is ‘add taste to your curry from your plastic waste’.
  3. Reduction of the “segregated biodegradable solid waste through backyard composting”. In the project location 100% of the residences have the space for backyard composting. Previously all the residents were producing compost from their biodegradable solid waste. Now everybody is refrained due to the mixing of plastic in their biodegradable solid waste. Through this project earlier practice of backyard composting will be encouraged. Where, compost is one of the best organic manure as well as soil conditioner also.
  4. Future use of the “segregated non biodegradable solid waste and generation of income”.
  5. Reduction and optimum reuse of waste water in the ‘kitchen garden’ and in other purposes to minimize the waste water pollution.
  6. Build a clean and green surrounding.

Project Outputs:

  1. Clean, green and healthy surrounding.
  2. Build up self-responsibility of the residents.
  3. Decreasing artificial flood.
  4. Decreasing various vector borne diseases, bacterial and viral diseases.
  5. Socio economic changes.