1. To work for the renewal of renewable natural resources and environment management for mitigation of poverty and climate change and establishment of a research & educational ‘Institute’ to achieve the goal.
  2. To work on solid and liquid waste resource management and organic farming towards maintaining food chain for balanced ecosystem.
  3. To work for conservation of wildlife & biodiversity through habitat restoration and community conservation initiatives.
  4. To create general awareness on water, sanitation & health education for healthy environment and sustainable development.
  5. To work for the development of rural and hilly areas through scientific utilization of natural resources and information technology.
  6. To work for the development of eco-tourism, handloom & handicraft and khadi & village industries.
  7. To provide health and humanity service to the poor and victims of different diseases & accident and in disaster affected areas.
  8. To work for empowerment of women, children, youths, differently able persons and backward classes and provide humanitarian aid to elderly people through establishment of ‘Old age homes’.