Plastic waste collection


ENVIRON a group of environmental management for sustainable development have appealed to the people not to throw out plastic and glass which are creating major solid waste problems. In this respect ENVIRON have started a noble project to collect the segregated waste plastic and glass in exchange of ginger and garlic in association with Guwahati Municipal Corporation which is first time in India.

Initially project is formally restricted in the Municipal Ward No. 55 and 59 with two numbers of specially designed cycle van named as “Seuj Bahan” which is planned to be expanded all over in India, near future.

In this respect ENVIRON have claimed that “once the non-biodegradable solid waste is segregated from the biodegradable solid waste, biodegradable solid waste in the land field will never create any problem rather it will act as soil conditioner”.

In the first phase of its activities ENVIRON is collecting all types of carry bags, pouch packs of vegetable oil and milk, broken plastic bucket and mug, all types of plastic bottle and container, plastic cups etc. at the value of rupees 10/- per kg and glass bottles at the value of rupees 1/- per kg in exchange of Ginger and Garlic for recycling.

The idea of offering Ginger and Garlic is to attract the house wife who is usually handling the house hold solid waste and the theme is add taste to your curry from your kitchen solid waste.

Present status of plastic waste management

As per the preliminary survey of ENVIRON there are about 5,000 nos. of rag pickers are in Guwahati who is earning Rs. 10.00 to Rs. 200.00 per day and presently they are collecting only-

Plastic— 10%

There are 20 nos. of Plastic recycling units are already in Guwahati and there are 35 nos. in Assam. The current prices of the plastic waste in these factories are mentioned below as surveyed by ENVIRON (in the Table no. 1):

Sl.No. Items Market Prices (per Kg)
1 Plastic carry bag Dirty, mostly collected from drain and dustbin Rs. 2.00
Neat and clean collected from source Rs. 12.00
2 Plastic Bottle Cosmetics , detergent and lubricant ( dirty ) Rs.7.00
Neat and clean collected from source Rs. 14.00
Saline and vegetable oil ( dirty ) Rs.8.00
Saline and vegetable oil (neat and clean) Rs. 20.00
All PET bottles including drinking water bottle (No Recycling unit in Assam ) Rs.8.00
3 PVC shoe and sandal (recycle industries are not in Assam) Rs.9.00

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