Household solid waste management through the use of “Waste Assimilator”


Present scenario of mixing of plastic waste along with the biodegradable solid waste is ruined the entire solid waste management activities and developing huge ‘waste land’ and ‘toxic land’ day by day in India. Therefore, segregation & management at source is the best option for the solid waste.

As per the research of ENVIRON, source management is the best option for the management of biodegradable solid waste.

To fulfill the requirement, ENVIRON has introduced “Waste Assimilator” to manage all the household generated biodegradable solid waste within the residential campus and even inside the balcony of an apartment. The use of ‘Waste Assimilator’ is generating the concept of producing organic manure and ‘bio-pest repellent’ in the form of ‘Micronutrients’, ‘Vermiwash’ and ‘Vermicompost’ at household level from daily generated biodegradable solid waste. This is also inspiring organic farming and domestic organic kitchen gardening. Through the use of “Waste Assimilator”, up to 80% domestic solid waste problem can be solved and a significant reduction of the roadside dumps can be achieved.