Solid waste management and production of Micronutrients & Vermiwash


After deposition of biodegradable solid waste inside the “Waste Assimilator” a liquid ‘Microbial wash’ or ‘Micronutrients’ is coming out constantly through the outlet after 2-3 days which can be regularly used as ‘organic manure’ cum ‘bio-pest repellent’.

Moreover, a liquid ‘Vermiwash’ is coming out constantly after the ‘Assimilator’ is full of earthworm through the outlet of the ‘Waste Assimilator’ which can also be used both as ‘organic manure’ cum ‘bio-pest repellent’.

Soluble Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potash are the main components of ‘Micronutrients’ and ‘Vermiwash’. Hormones, Amino Acid, Vitamins, and Enzymes along with many useful microbes are also present in the ‘Micronutrients’ and ‘Vermiwash’.

‘Vermiwash’ is having the more nutrients and properties of ‘bio-pest repellent’ and develop resistance in crops against pest attack.