Cane & Bamboo Community Developmen

Community Development through the Workshop and Training Programme on Cane and Bamboo Crafts among the Villagers of Pamohi, Garchuk, Kamrup, Assam :

Aim of The Workshop & Training Programmes:

The main aim of the workshop and training programme is to develop the cluster artisans and develop of the inner ideas for creating new dimension. Generally this type of workshop and training programmes helps in the process of actual development of value added Cane & Bamboo Craft. Identification and selection of artisans for the Design & Technical Development Workshop and Training in Innovative Design in Cane & Bamboo Craft from the cluster areas are necessary for their economical upliftment who is already involved in Cane & Bamboo Craft.


Village Pamahi of Garchuk is located at Kamrup District of Assam and only 5km away from Guwahati City. There are so many artisans are involved making handicraft products in their own home. Particularly in the project areas both male and female are working and involving Cane & Bamboo crafts.

It was observed that their present works & the value of their present crafts products are not satisfactory where they are needed much more support to be developed their folk craft works. They are needed for proper training and innovative ideas to develop their skill both in technical and design sector.

It was observed that the artisans were devoting many hrs in a day in making the Cane and Bamboo products. Most of the Male & Female are involved in making Cane & Bamboo craft products and they produce different types of products. They are making some indigenous items with their original folk craft culture from generation by generation. They generally use traditional tools in making the product.

The craftsman are use to sell their products only in the local market as they have no knowledge about the global market or export business. The demand of the products in the local market is very low and therefore their earning is also restricted.

Therefore it was realized that their crafts work can be developed by providing the proper training and guidelines which will definitely develop future prospect for the growth of the indigenous artisans of these villages which are belonging to schedule tribe.

By considering the above backgrounds ENVIRON has conducted the following two programmes:

I. Design & Technical Development Workshop in Cane & Bamboo Craft, Sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India, organized by ENVIRON at Pamahi, Garchuk, District- Kamrup, Assam.

II. Training in Innovative Designs for The Different types of Block/Zig Making in Bamboo and Can Craft under HRD scheme, Sponsored by Development Commissioner (Handicrafts) Ministry of Textiles, Govt. of India Organized by ENVIRON at 60 LNB Road, Hatigaon, Guwahati-781006