Education Awareness

All schools will have to prescribe to norms and standards laid out in the Act and no school that does not fulfill these standards within 3 years will be allowed to function. All private schools will have to apply for recognition, failing which they will be penalized to the tune of Rs 1 lakh and if they still continue to function will be liable to pay Rs 10,000 per day as fine. Norms and standards of teacher qualification and training are also being laid down by an Academic Authority. Teachers in all schools will have to subscribe to these norms within 5 years.

Strategy on Implementation of Awareness Programmes:

  1. Formation of a ‘core implementing team’.
  2. Formation of a ‘resource team’.
  3. Preparation and printing of leaflet in local language (at least 500 nos. for each venue), highlighting the RTE act, 2009 and its necessity.
  4. Preparation and printing of a Poster cum Calendar in local language (at least 100 nos. for each venue).
  5. Situation analysis of each venue and development of awareness strategy.
  6. Involving of all the local people and concerning about the theme.
  7. Fixation of the date for the formal awareness programme along with prior information.
  8. Convey the messages of RTE through awareness programme.

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